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What data we collect and why?

Email and password

With great password comes low responsibility.


For aesthetic reasons only, to replace your email in the top navbar.

Google Analytics data

Technically it is possible to track your every move, the question is, is it worth it? (Hint: it is not.) We are using it anonymously for improving the UI/UX.


We collect the cookies for the Cookie Monster from the Sesame Street only. In return he helps us in session management.

FERNANDEZ - gegen den Strich



Not only we stalk your dreams, we are going to steal your soul bwahaha! Jokes aside, we are too busy fulfilling our own dreams but if you are a Paranoid Android¹ and don't trust us, it's best to keep your journal in a notebook.

1 - Radiohead - Paranoid Android
2 - © FERNANDEZ - gegen den Strich

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