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Mon Nov 21 2023.
A glitch in the dream journal matrix

We've had to bump the version to v2.0.0 as a major bug was discovered on the database level. Hopefully, you might have noticed nothing more than a glitch on the settings page and slight inconsistencies with the symbols. All systems are now back online. In case you were about to fall asleep while waiting for the maintenance window to end... Read more

Mon Nov 6 2023.
dreamingsheep v1.0.1 released

Long time no sleep, starting today, the DNS¹ (Deoxyribonucleic System) of our development server points to the live IP address, which in translation means that dreamingsheep's DNA¹ has officially come to life! git checkout master git tag -a v1.0.1 -m "Release version 1.0.1" git push origin v1.0.1 In case you were under the false impression... Read more

Sun Oct 22 2023.
Use case two: Add to home screen

You can add dreamingsheep to your home screen and use it just like an app, minus the tracking of your personal data, which is an inseparable part of the app ecosystem. We're going to “steal your soul” anyway, as explicitly stated in the Privacy policy ;-). This way, you can keep your phone by... Read more

Tue Sep 12 2023.
Use case one: Custom drawing

Have you ever had a dream so vivid, so indescribable, that words alone fail to do justice? With custom symbols, you have the ability to attach your own drawings or images, capturing the dream’s essence more precisely. But the possibilities don't end there. You can employ this feature to curate... Read more

Sun Jul 9 2023.
Support us on Patreon

During the initial discussions, friends suggested various subscription plans, but the more i thought about it, the less i liked the idea. How could i ask for money for a service where people log their dreams? It felt contrary to the spirit of this ethereal endeavor. From that moment on, i knew that dreamingsheep would remain forever free... Read more

Fri Apr 7 2023.
The brainstorming

The challenge was to create an app that would be the go-to dream journal for dreamers of all colors: generic enough to cover a broad range of use cases, yet with opinionated defaults to make it simple, fun, and intuitive for newcomers. In the upcoming blog posts, some of these use cases will be expanded on... Read more

Wed Jan 4 2023.
Life purpose, milestone #1

After more than 20+ years of hard procrastination and casual work (not your typical ‘fail fast, iterate quickly’ software release cycle), dreamingsheep is finally online! I am thankful to all without whose help it would took me another 10 years :) to finish it. Special thanks to: @nmilinkovic for the early backend explorations... Read more

Tue Jan 3 2023.
Backstory - the beginnings

And Now for Something Completely Different²... It's been more than 20 years since i³ have learnt that lucid dreams are a thing. It all started with running away from monsters while simultaneously becoming aware that i am dreaming, trying to wake up from those nightmares. Years later i discovered... Read more

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