FAQ sheep



Dreamingsheep is your virtual assistant keeping track of your (lucid ) dreams, or in broader terms, your altered states of consciousness .


It is an online dream journal where you can log and analyze your dreams. Find connections in your dream patterns like mood, theme, recall, sleep cycle, repeating symbols and others.


In your web browser on any of your devices.


Right after you awaken while your memories are fresh.


That is up to you. Dreamingsheep's favorite activity is to practice flying.


Sign up and have a good sleep. Sweet dreams!

Who can read my dreams?

Unlike other dream journaling websites that either have a forum or allow users to interpret each other's public dreams (learn more in The brainstorming), here, no one has access to your dream garden. Just you.

Can someone see the symbols I created?

No one.

What about the stats about unicorns on the landing page. Aren't those public?

Those statistics are anonymous and pertain to the total number of dreams and the most frequently used predefined/built-in symbols (excluding the ones created by you). Your personal creations remain private.

Where can i learn more about various use cases?

On the Blog.

Long time no sleep?